Cloud Native Infrastructure

Patterns for scalable infrastructure and applications in a dynamic environment


Cloud native infrastructure is more than servers, network, and storage in the cloud—it is also about operational excellence, elasticity, and scalability. In this book, you’ll learn about patterns and practices for creating infrastructure capable of managing the full life cycle of cloud native applications.

In this book, Garrison and Nova provide examples of patterns seen in existing tools such as Kubernetes and reveal hard-earned lessons on architecting infrastructure from companies such as Google, Amazon, and Netflix.

With this book, you will:

  • Understand why cloud native infrastructure is necessary to effectively run cloud native applications
  • Use guidelines to decide when—and if—your business should adopt cloud native practices
  • Learn patterns for deploying and managing infrastructure and applications
  • Design tests to prove that your infrastructure works as intended, even in a variety of edge cases
  • Learn how to secure infrastructure with policy as code

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About the Author:

Justin Garrison & Kris Nova
About the co-Author

Kris Nova is a Senior Developer Advocate for Heptio with an emphasis in containers, infrastructure, and Kubernetes. She is an ambassador for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Prior to Heptio, Kris worked as a developer advocate for Microsoft, as well as an engineer on Kubernetes in Azure. She has a deep technical background in the Go programming language, and has authored many successful tools in Go. She is a Kubernetes maintainer, and the creator of kubicorn, a successful Kubernetes infrastructure management tool. She organizes a special interest group in Kubernetes, and is a leader in the community. Kris understands the grievances with running cloud native infrastructure via a distributed cloud native application, and recently authored an O'Reilly book on the topic called, “Cloud Native Infrastructure”. Kris lives in Seattle, WA and spends her free time mountaineering.