Free eBook: Becoming a Cloud Native Organization

Learn first-hand from Joe Beda, CTO of Heptio, the benefits of cloud native computing and the key considerations for how to transition your organization


The tech world is abuzz with the promises of “cloud native computing”, based on the architecture and culture defined by internet giants such as Google. But what does “cloud native” really mean, and more importantly, how can your organization benefit?

Automation and new architectures are important cloud native technologies; they can help you develop and deploy your products faster and manage product complexity more efficiently. But at its root, cloud native thinking is as much about teams, people, and culture as it is about technology.

This eBook presents a definition of cloud native and a roadmap for organizations to become truly cloud native.

What you will learn:

  • The benefits of moving to a cloud native architecture
  • How to apply cloud native in practice, including the cultural shift for developers and operators
  • Key considerations for running containers and microservices
  • Security best practices for the cloud-native world

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About the Author:

Joe Beda
Co-founder, CTO, Heptio

Joe Beda started his career at Microsoft working on Internet Explorer (he was young and naive). Throughout 7 years at Microsoft and 10 at Google, Joe has worked on GUI frameworks, real-time voice and chat, telephony, machine learning for ads, and cloud computing. Most notably, while at Google Joe started the Google Compute Engine and, along with Brendan and Craig McLuckie, created Kubernetes. Joe proudly calls Seattle home.